21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 3

Ohhh no. I slept horribly. Both kids were up once, hubby got home really late, and I just never got in that deep sleep. Thank goodness today is like “Friday” I really need good sleeps to function. I don’t do well with little sleep. Of course today is a run day on top of it all.. I will get through it! I also woke up super hungry! Hungry and Tired, i would stay away from me if I were you! 😀

Breakfast..ahh food..one problem solved – 2 Eggs and 1/2 banana (1 Red, 1 Purple). 1 tassimo latte (little yellow)

I’m feeling better already! I love breakfast. I’ll be making my banana coconut oatmeal tomorrow…mmmmm

Snack – Berries (1 Purple). Latte..a real Latte…skim and plain (1/2 yellow). i am wired!…this should get me through my lunch hour run!!!

Lunch – Leftover Sweet Potato Black Bean Quesidillas (1 Green, 1/2 red, 1 blue, 2 yellow). 2 Dark Chocolate Squares (ya ya..accept it, its my dessert after lunch and supper every day hahaha…I haven’t’ had wine 3 in 3 days though!)

Workout – 7 k run, including hills. Wow it was windy out. Started off slow and my legs were tired (maybe this fix thing is working! ), but it got better when i wasn’t in the headwind

Snack – Greek Yogurt. (1 Red) No this isn’t plain yogurt, but I use 1/4 of the attached “fruit mixture” to mix in. It has a lot of sugar (there is no need), but this is a win by just giving it a bit of flavour.

Snack – Carrots and Hummus (1 Green, 1 Blue). This is totally thanks to the fix. I am not a huge fan of carrots unless they are in something (like a sauce or sheppards pie, soup etc), But i was down a green again like I was yesterday and decided to get it in today! Yeah Me! HAHA

SupperCrust-less Quiche.  Please note this is not 21 day fix approved as it has ham in it. Its much healthier then a normal crust quiche mind you. I’m counting the ham as Red. This is what works for me. i had this already made and in my freezer. Oh how I love having a nice freezer stash. I’m weird in that I like adding to my stash, but not remove or use it, but none the less i’m using this quiche from my stash. It has ham..the kids will eat it. This is what works (1 Green, 1 Red, 1 Blue) DessertAvocado Chocolate Pudding (has honey in it which isn’t allowed, but its vegan and very healthy and surprisingly tasty.. i’m sure its still better for you then the dark chocolate squares i would have eaten instead.

Workout – Pilates Fix Extreme. Ok so my only experience with pilates was on the p90x3 series, and it was my least favourite workout. I still had hopes that I would like this and kept an open mind. Well, I am sad to say, I still don’t like it. Some moves were ok, but overall i didn’t feel much burn an found the bands more annoying then useful. Some leg work in between was actually tougher then the core exercise. Oh well, its done, and its better then nothing!

Snack – Protein Shake (1 Red)

So i’m over by 2 Blues today (mmm cheese), 1/2 a Red, and maybe a 1/2 a yellow due to my skinny latte (totally worth it). Not feeling hungry at all..thanks to extra protein shake. I actually tracked all my calories and I’m actually eating more then I normally do. This program does not starve you by any means, it is an adjustment though.

Good night everyone! Thanks for reading

P.S. 4 days with no WINE!


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