21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 5

wow I woke up and my butt and hips are sore!! (good sore). Todays long run is going to suffer for sure! HAHa yesterdays lower fix extreme was killer! Not a great night sleep, but we got to hang out with my brother and sister in law and play some cards. Worth it! everyone was drinking wine and eating chips. I managed to resist..it was extremely hard. I did however have some skinny pop popcorn

Breakfast – 2 Hardboiled Eggs (1 Red), Tassimo latte, Quinoa Berry Muffin

Off to costco we go. Wow that was nuts!! Funny how after being closed one day brings everyone out. Apparently This will be their single most busiest day of the year! I believe it ..we were there for opening and had to drive around to find a spot

Snack – Apple and peanut butter….mmmm (1 purple, 1 tablespoon)

Workout – 10k run. Supposed to be a long run but i cut it short as I was soaked (yuck to wet feet), and yup, my legs were so TIRED from yesterdays workout!

Lunch – Leftover Spaghetti. Staving! definitely hit the spot. but really doesn’t pasta always 🙂 2 Dark Chocolate Squares (1 Red, 2 Green, 1 Purple, 1 Yellow)

Workout – Cardio Fix Extreme. I am definitely feeling these workouts. I was physically exhausted doing this.  I’m sure the additional running on top is contributing to that. Anyone else want to yell at Autumn when she says that doing these squats is when you are recovering…um..NO haha..i rather be doing nothing to recover thank you very much 🙂

Snack – Protein Shake (1 Red)

Snack – Yogurt (1 Red)

Supper – Here we go..Turkey Dinner. My absolute favourite…normally… I mean who doesn’t love potatoes, stuffing, veggies, turkey and most importantly gravy! I’ve been sort dreading this since starting the program. And to top it off we are going to another feast tomorrow.

Anyway I mostly behaved. I had turkey, peas, carrots, and green beans.I avoided potatoes and stuffing…however..i did have gravy. (1.5 Red, 1 yellow, 1 green) Still mad that peas are a yellow! seriously they are my favourite veggie and they don’t count as green HAHA. I am proud of that

I was in charge of dessert. I made Coconut Ice Cream! I had full intentions of having some too. However due to unforeseen circumstances the ice cream didn’t freeze and didn’t turn out. Thank goodness the inlaws had a backup! And I resisted the backup!!!! But had 2 dark chocolate squares later

And guess what…I resisted wine too.

Time to stuff and hide easter eggs for the kids…yogurt covered cranberries, banana chips, and organic cranberries. I’ll be sneaking a few in for myself 😉

Happy Saturday everyone! you are all doing wonderful and thanks for reading!

P.S. Here’s what i passed up. Lemon cheesecake tart from costco


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