21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 11

Woke up this morning and realized I have plans all night (including going out for supper..eek). Going to work through my lunch and hope to leave early to squeeze in a workout! Excited for a night out (kid free too), but will need to work hard to not drink with everyone and order something as close to fix approved as possible

BreakfastBanana Coconut Oatmeal. This time I just made regular oatmeal and topped it with half a banana and some coconut. Equally as good. I normally sprinkle brown sugar, but since the fix i’ve used cinnamon instead..not quite the same, but still delicious 🙂 kind of hard to replace sugar hahaha (1 yellow, 1 Purple, 1 orange)

Snack – Starbucks Skim Latte…mmmmm (1 yellow), bowl of berries (1 purple)

Lunch – Leftover Lettuce Wraps (1 red, 1 green). 2 Dark Chocolate squares, and a protein bar (1 Red)

I’ve decided to work through my lunch hour and leave early in hopes to get my fix workout in before our super plans! Makes for a long day at work, but thems’ the breaks. Feeling empowered and excited about my decision…lets hope it works out 🙂

Snack – yogurt (1 Red)

Workout – Lower Fix Extreme. too late now to change the schedule but not a good idea to have this the day before my long runs HAHAHa..my legs are jello

Ok..so eating out is discouraged when on this 3 week fix.due to so many food restrictions. But you gotta live…hoping to make as best choices as possible. But lets be honest, avoiding wine will be the hardest..off to Moxies I go!

Supper – oven roasted Chicken with herbed goat cheese , green beans , and roasted potatoes (I plan to only eat them if I’m still hungry )


After supper it’s off to the hip concert. Holding myself accountable to not drink !

Happy Friday everyone 


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