21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 12

A night out for supper and drinks with friends last night and I stayed on track!! Stuck to the plan, and managed to avoid drinking..much to everyone trying. I notice I don’t get much encouragement for what I’m trying to accomplish. People are quick to say its silly…giving up the things you love… Maybe it is, but i’m half way in, and I’m going to carry it out.

Breakfast – 2 Quinoa Berry Muffins, and 2 Eggs..yes..I was hungry haha. But i’m also planning on running like 20k today..need the fuel (2 yellow, 1 purple, 1 red) and a tassimo latte. Can you think of any better fuel then coffee/espresso?

Snack – 1 medium/small banana dipped in peanut butter..mmmmm (1 purple, 1 teaspoon)

Workout – I did it…finally a long run…21.3 km!! it didn’t feel great, but had given me a lot more confidence I will be ready for the bluenose race in may. Burn 1300 calories. I will DEFINITELY need to replace those !

Snack – coconut water. Enjoyed this while soaking in the tub. my legs were exhausted. combined with yesterdays lower fix extreme workout, i am beyond tired and sore..good sore..but very sore none the less

Lunch – Leftover Burrito bowl, topped with fresh salsa made by my mom, no..i don’t have the recipe off hand for that one! (2 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 red) and 2 pieces of dark chocolate (the start to my calorie replacement)

Snack – yogurt (1 Red)

Workout -now i really really had to make myself do this..i am beyond exhausted. Cardio Fix Extreme. Just what I needed after 21k of running…NOT!!!!!

Supper – I don’t cook saturdays, and i didn’t have much left for even leftovers (used the last of them up at lunch). can’t all be stellar gourmet meals right? I realized i need more greens today, so I made a smoothie with spinach, yogurt, mango and carrots, and a scoop of protein powder (1.5 green, 2 red, 1 purple). 1 portein bar (1 Red)

I’ve decided I am going to eat skinny pop tonight. i have just WAY to many calories to replace today, and well, quite frankly I think I deserve it. In terms of cheats…this is not a bad one. I am used to consuming a bag of chips after all normally..besides need to celebrate running a half marathon today right?

That’s it for me today folks. Thanks for reading


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