21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 13

Not surprising after all that exercise yesterday I had an amazing sleep. I didn’t even get up to pee in the middle of the night..which also means i’m likely dehydrated a bit…but the awesome sleep is worth it…. Ready to tackle day 13! Yes I cheated last night with skinny pop, and i can’t believe i actually felt guilty! WHAT! not enough to stop myself though mind you 🙂

BreakfastBanana Coconut Oatmeal and a tassimo latte (1 yellow, 1 Purple). Great breakfast for another morning run. This time I’m not running alone and helping a friend train. Its a nice break from always running along., and lets face it, my legs are pretty dead from yesterday.

Workout – 12k run. Surprisignly felt great. legs not too bad after I got going

Lunch – again no leftover lying around and I was too hungry to make anything. Least I’ll be back to meals and leftovers tonight. I had some ham and goat cheese ( 1 red, 1 blue), and a protein bar (1 red). Yes I know ham is not approved, but its a meat, and i had some leftover from easter. haha

Must drink lots of water..definitely a bit dehytrated.

Snack – protein smoothie (spinach, carrots, yogurt, protein powder, and water) (1.5 Green, 2 Red).

Watched a movie with my 4 year old during quiet time and we both had some skinny pop

Was solo for a bit this afternoon. Took advantage to get a roast prepared, tonights supper, and cut up some veggies for Monday’s supper!

Supper – Roast Beef, Roasted baby red potatoes, and balsamic roasted carrots  (1 Red, 1 yellow, and 1 green). Ok here is a big cheat..I had my homemade Coconut Ice Cream. It was soo worth it.

Workout – Dirty 30 Extreme. Still love this workout! My favourite for sure.

Well this was a weekend of a ton of exercise and some cheats. Considering the calorie burn I did. I’m 95 percent happy with my cheats and how well i’ve stuck to the program. Even making sure I get my veggies in (very not like me)

Looking forward to yoga tomorrow and active rest!

Cheers (but now with wine)


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