21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 15

Here we go..third and final week! Let’s do this. I am definitly getting more anxious to get back to normal eating plan. Its getting harder and harder instead of easier. Also looking forward to getting results. I did cheat once and do a quick measurement at the halfway point, and no difference yet. But i see and feel a difference so measurements aside, its all good

Breakfast – Quest strawberry Cheesecake protein bar, 1/2 an apple with a teaspoon of peanut butter (1 Red, 0.5 Purple, 1 teaspoon). Love my peanut butter mmmm. I had to hide it this morning in front of kids. They too love it but can’t risk them eating some before shipping them to daycare (one time my youngest had some on her sleeve and well we had to strip her down at dayare..)

Snack – Berries (1.5 Purple)

Lunch – Leftover Stuffed Pepper ( 2 green, 1yellow, 1 blue, 1 Red). Veggie intense meals are definitly not my fave..but stiickign to the plan 🙂 However i am surprisingly pleased this seemed to taste better the next day, and dare I say I slightly enjoyed it !?

Its raining its pouring, and I need to get a run in. I’m also thinking about food a lot today. Maybe its all that calorie burn this past weekend..ugh

Workout – 6k Run …it was not pretty..at all. I guess they can’t all be good or else you wouldn’t know how to tell good from bad. This was just a day of feeling heavy. But 6k at any speed is better then 0k 🙂

Snack – Yogurt (1 red)

Snack – hummus crackers and yogurt jalepino dip. This stuff if amazing…mmmm (1 yellow, 1 red)

SupperOven baked Chicken Fajitas. We love this meal at our house. I can prep it all the night before, then just pop it in the oven when i get home the next day. I eat just the filling with no wrap. Hubby wasn’t home tonight so I served the kids too with no bread, and they didn’t complain and still ate it all up. Love meals that way..no fuss! (2 green, 1 red, 1 tablespoon)

Now here is where the day falls apart diet wise. I don’t know what happened but the kids Easter candy took over my brain, i couldn’t stop myself form eating some, then some more, then some more.  And even when i finally stopped and decided to purge some of the stuff they will never eat..I ate more..as i was purging! Yes..for real.

I think my body was needing a carb or something from this weekend.really not sure, but I hope i can get a grip on that..tomorrows a new day. Least I have another workout to try to counter some of that junk

Workout – Plyo Extreme Fix. Love this one!  Love how you can get such an amazing workout in with only 10 pound weights.

Good night everyone. Thanks for reading


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