21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 16

Solo last night with kiddos. i never sleep well solo. Anyone else have that problem? I always think i wont hear them or something. I even dreamed of them waking up (in fact I thought they really did till i realized it was a dream ) Solo morning was a slow one today. When one kid doesn’t cooperate , its all down hill from there. Needless to say I was late for work

BreakfastBanana Coconut Oatmeal.(1 yellow, 1 Purple, 1 orange). Tassimo latte

Snack – Berries (1 Purple)

Lunch – Leftover Chicken Fajita’s ( filling only for this gal). I had planned to go for a little walk over lunch, but being late, and having to leave early for kids swimming, I now have to work through my lunch..blah

Snack – Latte. This was supposed to be a decaf, skim latte. but they messed and added vanilla and made it non decaf…so now i have sugar and caffeen in me that was not intentional or planned..yikes. I tend not to have cafeein past noon as it keep me up. Let’s see how this goes tonight 🙂

Snack – yogurt. As delicious as these oikos yogurts are, there is no need to have that much sugar in such a small container. i wont be buying this kind again. I don’t enjoy plain yogurt, but there must be a happy medium out there somewhere. i was buying the yogurts that had the “fruit” mixture separate then just adding a little of that..likely go

Supper – After taking both kids to their swimming lessons before supper, I was starving. Supper was Tacos. Lean ground beef, homemade taco seasoning,  onions, and baby spinach instead of lettuce, topped with some cheese and siracha. (1 Red, 1 green, 1 blue, one yellow). Dessert – 3 dark chocolate squares. i figure this is at least a healthier option then raiding easter candy again 🙂

Workout – Still wired from the non-decaf latte today haha. Upper fix extreme. Welcomed the relief from a leg workout. I really should have increased the weights on this. I forgot I wanted to do that from last time.

Snack – Protein Shake

Made tomorrow’s supper – Italian bake, stay tuned tomorrow for the recipe 🙂


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