21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 20

Kid Free, uninterrupted sleep. I seriously woke up at 8:50! I was shocked!!! talk about feeling refreshed and fantastic. I did however plan on running at 9 am, guess that will need to wait until 10 haha so i can at least eat and wake up a bit

Breakfast – bowl of Kashi 7 grain puffed cereal, bit of skim milk and some blueberries. And 2 eggs ( 1.5 yellow, 1 red, 0.5 purple) Did up my meal plan and grocery list for the week too while eating. Very important to staying on track and being prepared

Workout – 15k run. Felt amazing. Had my race been today I would have killed it. haha oh well. Hopefully I feel like this again in a few weeks. did 7k of this run with a friend. Nice to not run alone too. Had another awesome running weekend. Makes up for my sluggish runs during the week this week for sure

Snack/Lunch – Quest Protein Bar (1 Red), leftover cheeseburger (1 Red, 1 Blue). 3 dark chocolate squares

My oldest and i went grocery shopping together. She was my special helper. She even helped me put all the groceries away when we got home.

Snack – smoothie (spinach, carrots, plain greek yogurt, 1/2 scoop of protein powder, mangos and some water). (2 Green, 1.5 Red, 1 purple)

Supper – Ham and Homemade baked beans. These are not clean, because of the brown sugar. I’ve never tried substituting. but the ratio is 3/4 honey to 1/4 molasses. go by weight not by portion. Example my recipe has 1 cup of brown sugar. You would weigh this, then put the equivalent weight in ratio in of honey/molasses.  NOT 1 cup. They are not direct equivalents. These puppies are time consuming to make but oh soo good (and mostly healthy :)) I’m perfectly aware neither of these is 21 day fix extreme approved. Well the beans inside the baked beans are, but you catch my drift..oh and I had a small bowl of homemade coconut milk ice cream..yup..guilty

Spent my evening prepping tomorrows supper (pork tenderloin and pad thai)…yes i had to make a switch on the menu since posting and writing my plan…but still same meals just swapped Thursday and monday…Then comes the fun part of cleaning up the kitchen..it was a mess! i dislike going to bed with a messy kitchen

Workout – Dirty 30 Extreme! yup Love it! Those pushups with renegade move are my favourites. I feel like I know what I’m doing when I do those haha

Snack – 1 teaspoon of peanut butter. Yup for real haha

One more day till wine time 🙂 Thanks for reading..I feel great!


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