21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 21

Day 21…aka…Last day of no wine. ya that’s really about all i’m looking forward to after completing this. It wasn’t much of a diversity from my normal. chips and wine are bascially what i cut out for 3 weeks. I had the clean eating and workouts down before this. ..but yes one last day!

Breakfast – Smoothie (1 green spinach, 1 green baby carrots, 1 purple mango, 1 red Greek yogurt, 1 red protein powder, splash of almond extract, and a splash of vanilla extract, also added milk instead of water to help liquify it enough to blend)..oh and a Tassimo latte. Huge breakfast (approx 400 calories)

Snack – I may add smoothies back in my breakfast rotation..wow I feel full even as I write this at snack time. Usually my snack is devoured by 10 am haha  – Bowl of mixed berries (raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries) (1 Purple)

Lunch – Leftover baked beans and ham…yumm yumm. For dessert I had this coconut date roll. It was yummy. Clean eating as only natural sugars from dates, but i don’t see dates on the fix list..but my other dessert was dark chocolate and we already know thats not on the list! HAHA

Look what i got today! Hot off the black market! I kid I kid, although it is from some dude in PEI who gets ascics only shoes cheeper then any store. i saved 50 dollars people! Store is called Hashems Variety.worth a call and shipping is 10 dollars..no matter how many pairs!

Snack– yogurt. back to my skotidakis ones, least i can control the sugar mixture in these. Still on a less sugary yogurt hunt. Think that will be one of my future blog posts 🙂

Supper – Pork Tenderloin (1 red) and Homemade pad Thai..mmmmm (1 yellow, 1 green, some red, teaspoon of olive oil,) i’m sure the sauce wasn’t fix approved, but its my last meal and there isn’t that much per serving. can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow..mmmm 2 dark chocolate squares for dessert

After supper the family walked down to the park, it was still snowy, very muddy and wet. Girls had a blast there. Our neighbours and their kids met up with us to…good times. Girls were exhausted after the walk home too. Bonus!

Workout – Yoga!  I like yoga..I really do, but i really didn’t want to work out tonight. Hubby had to give a little push. I was giving off excuses left right and centre. Glad I completed it! Even if it wasn’t intense its nice to know i did them all…in 21 days inclusive.

Snack – big ole’ spoonful of peanut butter! yummm

And that’s a wrap ! that’s the whole shebang. 21 days…complete! See you tomorrow wine 😀

I’ll be writing about the experience and results in tomorrows blog.

Thanks for reading


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