21 Day Fix Extreme Review

So I did it, 21 consecutive days of focusing on nutrition and fitness! How can that possibly be bad. Its not


What I liked about the program is that there is no calorie counting. it focuses on getting the right portions of certain types of foods (veggies, fruits, proteins, carbs, good fats, etc) and the containers take the guess work out of what a portion is. i definitely stressed over this in the beginning (before even starting), since a lot of my meals i make i don’t know the measurements or container equivalents. So you know what..instead of stressing over it..i just did  my best to guesstimate. I follow a clean eating diet for the most part to begin with so this was not a huge change for me.

Some of meals would have ingredients that were not on the list. I have a family of 4 to feed. I do not have time to make special meals for me vs. the family..so I just rolled with it. You have to make it work for you, and stressing over perfection wasn’t going to work for me. Either was giving up all sweets. As you saw I routinely still continued with dark chocolate. Its clean, but it wasn’t fix approved. I did manage to avoid many many other no no’s though…like wine. I also survived easter weekend without any dessert, 2 birthday parties, going out to supper and drinks and a concert with friends….and chips!! The few exceptions/treats  I  made were dark chocolate, skinny popcorn, coconut, and i had homemade ice cream twice. I’d say i followed it 90 percent overall including cheats, not allowed ingredients, and portion control. I am happy with the commitment I gave.

Some self discovery, which i already knew, I do not eat enough vegetables in the course of a day. I found smoothies a great way to get these in. I did find myself frequently making sure i had an approved vegetable. Our staples at home tend to be peas and sweet potatoes. both of these are a “yellow” in this program, so I found myself having spinach and carrots somehow to get those greens in instead. I also, intentionally, eat a lot of protein, i was frequently over my protein allotment. I thought the carb restriction was going to be hard, but I seldom went over it. Guess it helps I dont eat bread or have little pasta. My carbs were usually oatmeal, peas, sweet potatoes, rice.

The workouts

I never missed a day. This regime is not for someone just starting out. You definitely need to be in shape, or have been doing previous weight training or program. I just completed p90x3 so I was set.  I didn’t find the workouts any more difficult then p90x3, they were just a welcomed break..something new. You use smaller weights, but are doing different movements for longer with very short breaks. So was a nice switch. The use of smaller weights is intended for toning and shredding, not bulking. With any program, there are workouts you like and some you do because you have to do. I really enjoy plyo and dirty 30. Others like Pilates and even the yoga ( just didn’t enjoy the flow) were just ok. Even cardio, although I understand the need for it, was just ok for me. Most likely because cardio fell on my long run days, and it was the last thing I felt like doing hahah

Oh yes running…that was  a tough one. I was running ( a lot) on top of following the workouts. My normal go to method for a run was to replace those calories. For this program i was usually replacing them with the extra reds…more yogurt, more protein, bananas, some bigger portions at meals). Had I not replaced those, i would have been starving. But I feel the choices I made to replace the calories were all good choices. Old me would have easily justified a bag of chips for a long run! 🙂

So I think this is totally an awesome program. and 21 days is not that long to commit to something. It really isn’t (maybe don’t commit over a holiday! HAHA). I didn’t think the food part would be possible for me, but i discovered that you do what works for you. Did I do 100 percent? no. But you need to be happy with your choices. i am 100 percent satisfied with what I chose to omit, and what I chose to cheat on. At the end of the day you are the only person you need to make happy. If your looking for an intense 3 week commitment..I recommend this!

If anyone wants to discuss at any time my meals, how I felt, please feel free to drop a comment. I will reply to you all


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