Back to the Grind

Talk about extremes. Here i was doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme daily…following the meal plan….and running 4 times a week. I finished the program last Tuesday. I haven’t worked out since! i did squeeze in 2 runs in the past week..and that is all.

My lack of workouts wasn’t intentional. I had appointments in the evenings, and then i had a 4 day trip with my girlfriends to New Hampshire. with going away comes having to eat out. I’m not even going to bother writing down how bad my weekend away was food wise. What made it worse was definitely the lack of exercise.

Lack of workouts was expected, but its amazing how easily eating bad comes back to me. How I can without little guilt be like, I’m on vacation this is OK. I’ll get back to normal when I’m back.I’m still not there yet with will power to sustain clean eating and refrain from junk when the opportunities are there. I’m not talking about the occasional treat, or maybe even a small treat once a day. I went overboard. Multiple chocolates, drinks, chips. etc.

Its now a week since completing the 21 Fix Extreme. I definitely had a week hiatus and am feeling and looking like it. Sure doesn’t take long to loose all that hard work. As I type this and look out the window, its snowing. End of April and its snowing. Definitely a downer, but I will get out for a run. I need this. i need to get back on track

I’m hungry, my stomach needs to adjust back to normal portions. i will do this. I do not plan to be as strict as i was on 21 day fix..hello I need wine, but back to clean and mean as much as possible

It’s done, nobody said I had to enjoy it.



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