We Have Ups, and We Have Downs

We all know things come in peeks in valleys.

I strongly believe its our ability to recover from the valleys that shows how strong we are. We can’t be on par 100 percent of the time. Sometimes those valleys take a long time to get out of. If we are strong we will reach that moment where we decide to ourselves to start climbing out.

I am just getting out of one such valley. I got injured and was put off all physical activity including walking. I was of course bummed about the slow recovery process and inability to workout. So now i can’t workout to burn calories??. We all know  how much i love my food and how I’m always hungry..and now what was I to do now that I’m not burning anything. Enter my valley. Instead of trying my best to stay focused. I went in a down ward spiral of eating and lost all focus. I wasn’t using excuses, i just was simply not caring anymore…or at least not enough to stop.

This carried on for a good 3 weeks. And let me tell you, you can put on weight and feel really crappy very fast. I finally hit a number on the scale that i wasn’t’ very proud of and finally woke up! The first day of getting back on track with my diet/meal plan was HARD..wow. Second day a bit easier. Hardest part is still the moment I get home from work. I just want to eat everything I see. No joke. Lately I’ve been switching to wine. I usually have a glass daily anyway, but now I’m sipping it when I get home to occupy my mind and taste buds while I prepare supper


I got the ok last week to begin some physical activity. I started with a few successful 30 minute walks and a 40 minute swim. Then i tried a slow run last weekend. it didn’t go well. The difference this time is I didn’t let the setback put me back in my valley. I regrouped with my physiotherapist on Monday…she really helped focus on the paint triggers and tapped me up good with some ligament tape? This stuff is awesome.

On Tuesday I’m happy to report i had a successful slow run. It hurt (bearable obviously and not over doing it). Talk about a high. I never thought I’d be happy to see that slow pace again. Wednesday I hit the pool, and Today I ran again….slow and painful..but it progress!

I even feel like writing again. Its been a while!!  I’m still friggen hungry all the time. Anyone have any tips ???

Thanks for listening


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