Body Beast – Day 1

Ok so last week with the addition of having to make lunch for my kindergartener, and preparing and baking for my 3 year olds party, i didn’t get any weight workouts in. I had planned to start body beast last week, needed a nice change. But i failed to get into a grove with my new routine, and wasn’t able to find the time to commit.

I will definitely have to come up with a new game plan…how to fit in this additional “chore” and still have time for myself..for my workouts. I’ve allowed summer indulgences to take me off the bandwagon a bit, which i’m fine with. i enjoyed my wine, ice cream , etc…but now its time to get back to business..buckle down some..focus on something

As mentioned I decided to focus on strength training…using the body beast program. I can’t promise i can commit to daily blogging of my reviews and progress. But I will do what I can

With any good fitness program, a good diet should follow. So I also need to reduce some portion sizes and cut out maybe a little alcohol and chips đŸ˜‰ Outside of those vices I eat pretty healthy..just sometimes too much. Sucks always being hungry

So here it is. Build – Chest and Tris

First thoughts…pushups in a warmup ?? this is going to be HARD! HAHA

my weights only go up in multiples of 5. I didn’t think this would be a problem when i first read up on todays workout. I was wrong. Even increasing by 5 pounds (each dumbbell of course) made some exercises tire me to where i couldn’t finish. In the spirit of “doing what I can” i may not be able to increase weights every set as they do. Staying the same may have to do

I have block weights too, I found i was not always quick enough changing my weights, and had to pause the dvd to catch up..not ideal as i know the limited rest is part of the program, but I can only move so fast…trust me I was tired and shaking regardless.

The exercises were simple and effective. Nothing complicated. Not one to have to modify normally in workouts such as the 21 day fix extreme or p90x3, I found myself modifying on the pushups after the sets today. My arms were shaking..had to go to my knees or else i wouldn’t be able to do any! you know its working when!

The time went much faster then I thought, which is good because the workouts are longer then what I’m used to. I don’t feel like I got the calorie “burn” as in 21 day fix , but i’m definitely more sore/tired muscle wise (not heart rate wise). I think this is the change I need. i can get my cardio from my running.

Eating was better today but still not where I need/want it to be. Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout


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