Body Beast – Day 2

Considering how tired/jello my arms were when I went to bed last night…I woke up surprisingly in less pain then anticipated. Not that I’m going to rush to do any sort of chest or tri workout today! hahah. pushups today.

I normally do not watch my weight very closely, but since i do want to shed a bit of summer indulgences, i was a bit disappointed this morning to have gained even more. I know these workouts are for muscle building, but maybe I need to find some time for cardio daily too.  Hopefully its just muscle swelling or something. I’ll give it a week or so before I try changing anything up. Today is a run day anyway so I should be getting a double workout in

Had a decent 7k run at lunch today. However I cancelled it out with snacking after work. Grr must learn to resist and wait for supper !!!!

Supper we had Spanish rice. Mmm

Tonight’s workout was build – legs. I fared out better then the chest and tris. It’s difficult to know what weight to start at. Pretty standard exercises. Squats, lunches etc. The step up reverse lunges got my heart rate up a bit. Actually sweated some.  I’m still liking the challenge and the switch up, but need to be mindfull of the lack of calorie burn

Overall an ok day considering I ran I’ll forgive my snacking and smarties indulgence. But I do need to get more strict ! Baby steps 🙂


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