Body Beast – Day 3

So remember when I said i was surprised yesterday that my arm’s weren’t that sore considering how jellowy they were during my workout ? Well….they are sore triceps are at least.

in spirit of getting most calorie burn as possible, until i shed a few pounds, i went for a 8k run today..untimmed, just did a comfort pace. Not sure if i’ve ever not had an indication of my pace before. i wish i could tell you it was stress free carefree run, but having my watch right there and not being able to look…not easy for me HAHA. Overall I ended not too bad of a pace, my legs are tired though, you can feel it. When you run they feel like lead. Guess workout is working…good for muslcle, bad for running goals HAHAHA…and If my soreness is anythign like my arms (worse 2 days later) i may suffer in my hill run tomorrow!

i’ve been looking forward to my pesto chicken goat cheese pizza all day. Home made whole wheat crust, pesto, spinach, red peppers, chicken, and goat cheese..mmmmm

quite impressed that despite having a meet the teacher night at my daughters school, i was still able to make her lunch (yeah for leftover pizza), do my normal dishes, and get a workout in

So workout…Back and Bi’s

I cant’ say i enjoyed working my back. Deadlifts, rows, flys, not my thing..But its important to work every muscle be even. ? HAHa. I liked working the biceps, though. I had to modify the pull ups and chin ups as I dont have a bar, or a place to put a band. I use the pull downs of our bowflex machine. Better then nothing.


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