30 Minutes is only 2 Percent of Your Day

Ahhh, the good ole “I have no time”.

I get it we are busy. We work, We have family/kids. We have errands to do, meals to make, a house to keep. But what about Us? What about time to take care of us? Its usually the first thing that gets omitted when we are “busy”. Ah “busy” I can’t believe I used to say I was too busy to work out. This was before kids. Wow, I had NO idea. I want to go back and slap my 5 years ago self and say…seriously!!

Now after having kids, trying to be super mom and make delicous meals, all whlle working full time…its time to find time, i mean MAKE time, for me. I’m just as important right? Did you know that 30 minutes is only 2 percent of your day? 2 Percent.


That can do so much for us! You can get a lot of exercise in 30 minutes. Yes its for you and your health and well being, but also it contagious. Your kids, your family, your coworker, they see this, they know this. They admire this

I want to be a part of this. i want to lead this. Me, inspiring others just by utilizing 2 percent of my day? Count me in. I hope you can all relate to me as I share my journey (yes its a constant journey) towards being my best self. There will be struggles (oops where did that bag of chips go) and ups (whoo hoo I ran a 10k personal best). That’s what i want to share. I do this all while being “busy”.

I am NOT a writer, but I want to share my experience. What works for ME, what i struggle with. I too need support. I am inspired by people sharing their journeys and being REAL. We are not perfect. But together we can try.

P.S. I love wine 🙂


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